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Devil Eater

Devil Eater Android
'...After Elise's death, I have been cursed... Now is the time to hunt them back...with the dark power from the curse...' Punish down the evils with cursed demonic force and duel pistols! You must continue to kill evils to guard your soul from demonic force taking over you... [Notice] * Final Boss Stage! - Meet Baal, ... Read More & Download


ArtStation Android
ArtStation is the showcase platform for game, film, media & entertainment artists. DISCOVER THE WORLD'S BEST GAME, FILM, MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT ARTISTS The ArtStation App provides an awesome browsing and discovery experience, enabling you to view thousands of artworks by the world's best artists. Like artworks, and follow your favourite artists. SUPPORT FOR ... Read More & Download

City of Love: Paris

City of Love Android
MAKE THE STORY YOURS! Dive into an interactive drama where romance, mystery and the Parisian lifestyle combine! Meet colorful characters, build relationships and unravel a mystery shrouding a dangerous secret… YOU are the heroine of your own story and YOU choose how you want to explore the iconic City of Love: discover ... Read More & Download

Panzer Waltz: Best anime game

Panzer Waltz Android
Set in a world at war with experimentation gone awry, humanity must fight against what they had created! Discover the story behind the madness as you set off to defend your fellow compatriots. Their future is in your hands! Join Zoe and friends as you discover the reasons behind the ... Read More & Download

RPG Izanagi Online MMORPG

Izanagi Online Android
"Characters are designed by Takashi Okazaki best known for Afro Samurai. Full scale role playing game with over 100 quests each with great volume can be enjoyed. Pick your class from Assassin, Mage, Cleric or Warrior and enjoy the world of ninja action!" Breathtaking actions with the best graphics: Storyline quests! Over 100 storyline ... Read More & Download

Ancient Empire: Strike Back

Ancient Empire Android
The fantastic thrilling turn-based strategy sequel, Ancient Empire II, Strike back. Based in the fantasy realm of Thorin, you control two royal brothers: King Galamar and Valadorn, as they seek to save their kingdom from an evil shadow demon. What this translates into is eight levels of Advance Wars-style tactical ... Read More & Download


Antiyoy Android
Turn-based strategy with simple rules. Easy to learn, hard to master. Features: - Hotseat multiplayer up to 8 players - Random map generator - Smooth animations and good optimization - Easy tutorial Android: 2.2 Size: 3,5Mb Read More & Download

Werewolf Tycoon

Werewolf Tycoon Android
Become the Big Bad Wolf of Werewolf Park in this werewolf stealth simulation game. Eat as many people as you can, but try not to be seen, and do not let witnesses escape! Things could get tricky if too many people become aware of your existence! Featuring 16 bit pixel art and ... Read More & Download

Noah’s Bottle

Noah's Bottle Android
Noah's Bottle - An automatic note-generating rhythm game for mobile devices.You can use any music you like in your devices.You can also compose your own music by creating your own music script. The new Noah’s Bottle ver 2.0 added “Rhythm Mode” that includes 40 piano songs.All songs were reproduced by real ... Read More & Download


Alchademy Android
Join the Alchademy! Mix spooky ingredients to form other ingredients and highly sought after trophies. Fire Blood + Orc Berries = ??? You never know what items you'll form. But not everything ends up in a match... so choose wisely. Fill your shelves with books full of curiosities in this mix and collect ... Read More & Download