LoveLive Free

A massive hit game app in Japan, now available worldwide!
Featuring Aqours and from the Love Live! series, as well as game-original characters. Support the school idols and help them make their dreams come true!
Simple and fun to play. Just tap to the rhythm!
Original Rhythm Action
Live shows are performed by tapping the screen to the rhythm. Better timing can earn you higher scores. String combos together to gain even more points!
There are over 80 original songs to choose from.
Create Your Own Team
You can pick and create your own teams from Aqours, ?’s and many more original members.
Create teams best suited to your favorite songs or events, or just with your favorite members. It’s all up to you!
Improve Your Members
Improve your team members by “Practice.” The better they get, the greater their performance scores will be!
When you “Special Practice” two of the same member, they become idolized with cuter costumes.
Full Stories With the Official Anime Voice Actresses
The main story is fully voiced by the original Aqours and ?’s voice cast.
Side Stories for Each Member
Each and every member has their own story to tell. Deepen the bond with them to unlock the side stories.

Android: 4.0
Size: 91Mb

Download LoveLive! School idol festival APK