Kingdom of War App

The throne belongs to the victor!
A great struggle for power surrounds the throne in Kingdom of War!
New Player Privileges
Receive 3 Normal to Advanced Allies when you log in for 7 days!
Unique Features
Freeze time for Tactical Mode
Unique battle style requiring skill and concentration!
Freeze time in the heat of battle to start Tactical Mode!
Collect and Strengthen Allies
Collect ally fragments to collect and grow over 50 different allies!
Create the most powerful troop with allies and guardians of exclusive capabilities!
Battle and Conquer
Strategize to win territories!
Expand your reign worldwide with a global league!
Exhilarating Battles
High-energy battle with up to 4 combo action and spectacular guardian skills!
Immerse in fierce action and satisfying strikes!
Massively Entertaining Content
Acquire abundant rewards in special dungeons: Treasure Hunt, Escort Mission, and Altar Purification.
Test your power in the Arena, Raid, and various PVP modes.

Android: 2.3.3
Size: 64,5Mb

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