Chaos Chronicle App

Strategic Gameplay
– Master the Skill Cancel system and restore honor to your House!
– Deal massive double damage with a Perfect Cancel!
– Assemble your own troupe of warriors to fight for your House!
– Command your squad in dynamic tactical combat!
– A huge, strategic action RPG that fits in your pocket!
Battle for the Ages
– Adventure Mode: Lead your heroes on a campaign across a mythical land!
– PvP System: Bring honor to your House by challenging other players in brutal PvP battles!
– Raid Monsters: Join forces with your allies to defeat mighty Raid Bosses!
– Manatech Tower: Advance through the tower and test your limits!
– Daily Dungeons: Collect unique items with your party every day!
Gear Up, Rank Up, Power Up
– Collect hundreds of unique heroes and legendary items!!
– Develop your prowess through leveling, trading, and strengthening your heroes and items!
– Complete quests to strengthen your House!
– Train hard to upgrade your heroes faster!
– Create and join guilds with your friends!
A Tale of Twelve Heroes
– Immerse yourself in a riveting storyline.
– Battle alongside heroes from all corners of the world!
Become the ultimate hero and save the world of Chaos Chronicle!

Android: 4.0.3
Size: 52,8Mb

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